How To Guide on Styling a Bookcase

Let’s Style The Shelves!

Rhythm and Balance is everything here!  When thinking of what to put on your shelves following these tips. First pick your color scheme, then….

  1. Texture:  Baskets and Plants

  2. Books:  Hard bound in like colors (take off the paper cover and expose the book spine)

  3. Picture frames: Stick with all the same color, so we see the photo and not the frame.

  4. Decorative Boxes: These are used as art and as risers

  5. Found Objects:  Anything that you love and want to be showcased

  6. Pottery in the stable color tone of your choice.

  7. Shapes: Things that are square, round, tall and short

As you start putting it together remember rhythm and balance is so important. If you put a plant on the first shelve on the left, you will need something with texture and the next shelf on the right. We don’t want a square frame in the same position on every shelf, rhythm makes the shapes move and the eye follow. As you rotate the positions from shelf to shelf you are creating rhythm. Balance is making sure the weight in distributed properly, darker objects create weight. 

Archer Inspired Photography - Kelly Archer Interiors Storefront - Bakersfield California Furniture Store-78.jpg

Final tip, lay the objects down on the floor in their positions and when you find the balance, put the project together.  Have fun!