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Based in Bakersfield, California, Kelly Archer Interiors focuses on real homes and real families. We treat each client and each space with the upmost care and attention. Whether a small refresh or an entire home renovation, we will maintain quality and integrity every step of the way. 

Real Homes. Creative Design. Personal Inspiration.


After we receive your submission, a member of our team will give you a call to learn more about you, your family, and your project. For example, which living spaces you are wanting to address, your style preferences, location, timeline, and budget. This helps us determine if we are a good fit for your project and which designer you will be paired with. If you have a preferred designer, please let us know. Keep in mind, the availability of designers may vary.

Get in Touch



This is when we get to meet face-to-face! We get to see your home, review the scope of the project, and dream with you about what you envision for your home. Think of this meeting as our foundation. During the consultation, we will take measurements of the living space(s) that you are wanting to address, as well as photos for design reference. We will also further discuss our process to give you a better understanding of how it all works. This visit typically takes about one hour.

In Home Consultation



Once the design is completed, we will invite you to our design studio for a presentation. We will sit together with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and show you the true potential for your home! You will be able to see your floorplan to scale including imagery of all custom selections chosen for your project. This interactive experience will allow you to see and feel the concept of your design. We will then discuss the project’s timeline and the proposed budget, which includes our design labor fees.




After the presentation, we will follow up on your proposal for the project. Once approved and the deposit has been paid, the ordering will begin! All items are delivered to our warehouse to ensure quality. Your designer will be in touch throughout the process to update you on the status of your project.




Many design projects involve some elements of renovation from installing new window treatments, flooring, wallpaper, to a full renovation! We work closely with trusted, local contractors, flooring specialists, cabinetry makers, painters, etc. that assist us with specialty projects in your home. Construction typically takes place during the ordering and receiving process while we wait for your custom selections to arrive. This allows for a smooth process and a quicker turnaround time.




Once all items are received for your project, we will contact you to schedule your installation date and to discuss final payment details. Install day is where all the dreaming, planning and hard work comes together to give you the home you’ve always envisioned. During this day, we ask that you are offsite for an agreed amount of time. This allows us the opportunity to fully transform your space and provide a grand reveal!

Install Day



This is our favorite part and by far the most rewarding! After hours of ensuring every detail is perfect, we welcome you back to your new environment. After the initial wave of emotion, we walk with you through your home to point out all the beautiful details that have gone into creating this unique space for you and your family.

The Big Reveal

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