Take me to Paris

 This home we focused on the master bedroom and living spaces. We wanted to create a serene space filled with natural light and neutral colors that are sure to bring a peaceful environment. This master bedroom featured a quaint sitting area adjacent to it, giving her a quiet place of reflection. Your bedroom should be your own personal oasis, and spaces like these always helps achieve that. All of the neutrals provide a timeless look that will always be in style. However, we didn’t want it to just be neutrals. We wanted to give it a pop of color to bring more personality to the space. For this bedroom, the color of choice was red. And my oh my did it just tie everything together! Bringing in another color could be as simple as some pillows and a throw blanket. Many times my clients aren’t sure how to utilize the physical space that they have. I’m talking about the dimensions of the room, the square footage of the space. This is where bringing in a professional can be so helpful. I’m able to come in with fresh eyes and see the space differently than before. To utilize the space we have to work with to it’s fullest potential. 

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 I always love to bring an overarching theme to the home. For this specific home, we used elements from the French culture to give this home it’s own personal flare. Leaving the bedroom you will see some of those French elements trickle throughout as well as the neutrals with some pops of color.  I absolutely adore texture on walls. This wall features three textured flowers to bring another level of dimension to the space.  The dining area to the side of the kitchen features a simple black dining table with different accessories used as a centerpiece to tie the whole area together. This is home is also on the books for some future work to be done. The kitchen cabinets are going to get repainted as well as putting in new countertops. Doing these two things will update the space exponentially. All in all this space just boasts classic and timeless elegance. Another home beautifully transformed and curated to the client’s personalities.