Less is More

This home was filled with light and natural accessories with clean colors like white and neutrals. The natural light and refinished cultured stone fireplace provided bold enough elements to let everything else mesh perfectly. Pops of green filled these spaces throughout the home bringing life to each room. The windows that we hung on the walls are vintage windows that I found at a flea market. Sometimes the best accessories are those found when you least expect it. The custom touches in this home provided this family the perfect space they needed to live and entertain.

Many times I come into homes with too much color or too many different design concepts all trying to mesh into one. I’m a firm believer in less is more. What you do have in your home should be there with purpose and distinction. The colors should cohesively flow and the feel of the home should be the same throughout all of your spaces giving you a seamless feel.

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One of my favorite days of the entire design process is the install. It’s the day that all the hard work and design finally all comes together. The day my clients get to see their home, fully finished, for the very first time. I won’t lie, the install days are tough physically and definitely are time consuming… but seeing the looks on my client’s faces make it all so worth it.