Bedroom + Game Room

 This family’s home is one that I’ve been working on for quite some time. We would finish a space, and then begin work on the next. But I must say, these two rooms were some of my favorites! The teenage son’s room filled with things he loves like the galaxy and Doctor Who all tied together in a personal and mature finish.  I believe that bedrooms should reflect the individual living there. Your bedroom should be your own personal space that acts as your individual oasis. In this case, a few of the loves of this teenage boy included galaxies and even Doctor Who. Don’t deny those loves, in fact, you should be celebrating and displaying them. However, you can display those things in such a way that still gives a mature, clean, organized look.

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Now my other favorite room: the family game room! So often I find game rooms as the most disheveled areas. All the games everywhere, no real design, rather just a hodgepodge of everything smashed in one “game room.” That couldn’t be further from the truth for this room! The classic pool table is the center focus in the room, but what surrounds it is nothing short of amazing. A large floor to ceiling bookcase with sliding ladder showcase some personal and decorative touches giving the room a large feeling. Double mirrors ordain the walls on either side, opening up the room even more. The custom drapes that hang on either side of the window give the room a softness that it needed as it allows in beautiful natural light. From every perspective of the room, you can see the fluidness and overall feel of the room, which is what you always want. Game rooms and bedrooms are wonderful places. Don’t overcomplicate them, don’t clutter them, don’t be intimidated by what design it should be. The best advice I can give you is to make these spaces welcoming, inviting, and relaxing. Focus on the purpose of the room and let the design help to bring it to life!

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