Updated Farmhouse Ranch

Everyone loves a farmhouse ranch… but when it gets a fresh new look, it’s even better!  The decor throughout this home was unlike any other. We used both new and old pieces to bring the whole space together. They had many family pieces that held a special place in their hearts. Those pieces told their story and brought a generational blessing to the home.  The exposed wood beam ceilings gave the entire space a sense of character that you can’t make up.  Now their kitchen, was the other space that we gave an update too. We painted the existing cabinets and changed the hardware to give it a fresh new look. We updated the space to new quartz counters as well as a new backsplash to tie the entire kitchen together. New appliances, paint, and hardwood floors gave this room just the look it was deserving: new, fresh, clean. This updated farmhouse ranch home was one of my favorite spaces to design. This fresh new look kept their family story in place while giving them the new added flare that they needed. 

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